Inspecere Home Inspection Services LLC will inspect and examine the site, structure, roof, roof covering materials and the exterior and interior systems and components to include the mechanical, plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling, and ventilation.  These systems and components will be examined and assessed for material defect, proper condition, functioning and safety.

Purchasing a home is most certainly a major life event and a significant financial investment.  A home inspection can help ensure the the home you are considering is in proper repair and provide you with detailed documentation identifying any part of the home that is in need of repair or replacement.  Consider the investment you are undertaking and the potential risks. Some material defects are obvious, unfortunately, many are not.

A home inspection conducted by Inspecere Home Inspection Services LLC can be one of the most cost effective choices you can make regarding the purchase of a home. Having a thorough and well documented home inspection can add to you peace of mind and give you confidence that the home is completely serviceable.  Having a home inspection conducted on the property you are considering is truly a wise and prudent decision.

Foundation and Structure

Systems and Components

Roof and Roofing Materials

Foundations a vitally important to the longevity of the structure of the home. Under varying conditions the foundation can crack, settle and erode. Ensuring the the foundation is sound can prolong the life of the structure. A foundation problem can effect other areas of the home.

Gas fired appliance are a potential fire risk and can expose occupants to carbon monoxide.  Electrical systems can be a source of electric shock and fire.  Aging and improperly maintained system that are operating sub-optimally can be dangerous and and costly to repair or replace.

Broken roof tiles can be a entry for water and moisture intrusion which can cause decay and rot.  Asphalt shingles age and degrade.  The roof and its coverings are critical in the proper protection  of the structure of the home and repairs and replacement can be costly.

“A home inspection and the information contained within the home inspection report empowers the buyer to make well informed decisions regarding the potential purchase of the home.”